Energy Coaching & Teaching

Do you think you are on the wrong track? or got stuck?

Do you want to connect with your Hart&Soul again?

Do you want to learn from your past or diseases and find the purpose of it?


Annual Program:

Quantum Constellation Program 1 or 2 days

just ask and we will scedule it

In this day we do together the program to train our intuition, feeling and quantum energy work, for healing purposes. start up day for beginners. #8 Persons. If you like we can organize follow-ups also.

We use energy work, quantum-field, constellations, readings, intuition and an open hart&soul.

Costs: 100 euro pp per day


Energetic House Cleaning

Do you feel something in your house? are there many un-explainable things happing? like computers or lights going out? or on?

There is nothing to be scared of, it is most of the time just energy what needs attention. Together we examine your house, clean it and you learn from it.

Costs: 120 euro


Further information:

Please E-mail us at:

or call directly: +31 6 207 83 765