Energy Coaching & Teaching

Do you think you are on the wrong track? or got stuck?

Do you want to connect with your Hart&Soul again?

Do you want to learn from your past or diseases and find the purpose of it?

10 posibilities:

1) Ice & Energy - 2 days Program

During these two days, you will explore different techniques of how to manage your own energy. Techniques like Ice, Constellations and Voice-Grounding. They will help you to release tension, to become relaxed, to focus or to get insights in your behavior/mindset.

Costs: 195 euro pp training only

Costs: 325 euro, with dinner and hotel, all inclusive


2) Intuition training - 2 days Program

In two days we do together the program to train our intuition, feeling and power of quantum field reading and medium connection.

We use constellations, readings, intuition and an open hart&soul.

Costs: 195 euro pp training only

Costs: 325 euro, with dinner and hotel, all inclusive


3) Constellation - 2 hours

'What movement can I make to ....(change behavior, break through patterns like 'always broke', 'bad relationships' or get insights in your position in a system like family, work, etc.)? '
You bring in the question, we bring in the representatives. During 2 hours we will explore and search for insights/movements which will contribute to your question.
Costs: 100 euro pp


4) Energetic House Cleaning

Do you feel something in your house? are there many un-explainable things happing? like computers or lights going out? or on?

There is nothing to be scared of, it is most of the time just energy what needs attention. Together we examine your house, clean it and you learn from it.

Costs: 120 euro


5) Coaching Session Individual - 1:1

Individual session made specific for you.
Costs: 100 euro

or in a program:

Individual program made specific for you. Intake -  10 sessions - Evaluation. Costs 1000 - 2000 euro. Depending on cooperation with other specialists like psychiatrists.


5a) Child (<12y) Coaching Session - 1:1

A session special made for your child.
Costs: 60 euro pp per session 

6) Black Curtains Program - 5 - 10x - group #4p

What is withholding you from your past? How can we unload your memories so that you can learn from those?

You work with a group in 5 uo to 10 weeks on your purpose, your question. For instance: What is my goal?

You work on four fields:

  1. the emotional field
  2. the mental field
  3. the fysical field (body and DNA) and
  4. the spiritual field (karma).

==== To find your basic inscription ====

You will learn from your past, learn from your choices and re-write history. Based on quantum fysics.

Costs: 50 euro pp each session.


7) Voice Grounding Session - 1:1 or group #4p

Using your voice to able to connect to the world again. A special program for those who have (some) problems with communication.

To connect the inner world with the outer world.

Costs: 50 euro pp per session with a group - 100 euro 1:1.


8) Youth (12-18y) Program Wim Hof Ice - group #4/8p

In a joyful way learning the power of ice and breathing.

Quote of a parent: 'I saw him laughing again after three years, thank you Bart'.

Costs: 30 euro pp per session


9) Child Program Group Energy -For Fun- (<12y) - group #4/8p

Childs learn to play together and learn to deal with energy, constellations, meditations in a joyful and childish way.

Parents quote: 'I can understand what you do, but my dauther is kind, helpful again and comes when i call her for dinner'.

Costs: 10 euro pp per session